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TT-4000 Series in New Design and New Quality:


Full Range: no treble cut or notch filters


Full Dynamics: no limiters or compressors


Correct Pitch and EQ: guaranteed by our unique process


Authentic Reproduction

of the performance as originally recorded


Detailed Discographical Documentation

CDs in black vinyl style (UV-resistant, no paper labels)

Digifile Photo Cover (no plastic "jewel box")


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Price per 2-CD set: € 22.99 (incl. taxes and worldwide p&p, no additional costs!)

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In memoriam
Alfred Seiser
(2 CDs)

Rarities from the important 78rpm collection of Alfred Seiser (now preserved in the GHT Archive):
Selected Berliner, G&T, Gramophone and Zonophone recordings 1899 - 1917

For the most part never before on CD or even never reissued at all anywhere. All items carefully restored at correct pitch.

€ 22.99

Still available:


Josef Mann
(2 CDs)

All the arias and duets recorded for Odeon (1919 - 1921), 
further a selection of Pathé recordings from Lemberg (1910 - 1912).

New audio restoration in precisely correct pitch throughout, for the first time in this quality on CD.

€ 22.99

Les "Collections des Chefs-d'śuvre Artistiques"
(2 CDs)

Pathé's own selection of "Discs that should be in every home": Highlights from their 1907 and 1908 catalogues.

60 tracks, artists include Affre, Alvarez, Beyle, Caruso, Vaguet, Delna, Merey, Renaud, Vigneau, Aumonier, Delmas...

€ 22.99

Betty Fischer (1 CD)

Complete surviving recordings (25 tracks, 
1912 - 1953) of the legendary Viennese operetta diva. First-ever reissue on CD.

Compositions by  Franz Lehár, Leo Ascher, Imre Kálmán, Carl Michael Ziehrer, Oscar Straus u.a.

Issued in co-operation with Gesellschaft für Historische Tonträger (GHT), Wien

€ 15.99

Melanie Kurt (2 CDs)

Complete recorded repertoire, 39 tracks produced between 1910 and 1922. New audio restoration in precisely correct pitch, for the first time in this quality on CD.

Assisting artists: Margarete Matzenauer, Ottilie Metzger, Karl Jörn, Ernst Kraus, Jacques Urlus, Paul Knüpfer, Bruno Seidler-Winkler, Friedrich Kark.

€ 22.99

Adolf Wallnöfer
(2 CDs)

All his existing recordings as a singer (1905 - 1933), further a live broadcast of three of Wallnöfer's compositions (München 1939) and a broadcast interview (1944).

Artists in the live broadcast: Lorenz Fehenberger, Anneliese Schloßhauer, Adolf Mennerich.

As a bonus:
Hermann Winkelmann

15 recordings
(1900 - 1906)

New audio restoration in precisely correct pitch throughout, for the first time in this quality on CD.

€ 22.99

K. K. Hofoper Wien 1904 (2 CDs)

59 Odeon recordings, recorded in September 1904 for the International Talking Machine Co. 
Most of them available on CD for the first time 

Elise Elizza, Betty Schubert, Hermine Kittel, Frantíšek Pácal, Leo Slezak, Friedrich Weidemann, Wilhelm Hesch
At the piano: Oskar Dachs
flute: Marko Radossawljewitsch

€ 22.99

The 1902 "London Reds" (2 CDs)

The legendary early series of G&T Red Seal celebrity recordings, for the first time reproduced in correct pitch and excellent sound
(55 tracks)

Suzanne Adams, David Bispham, Emma Calvé, Jan Kubelík, Pol Plançon, Anton van Rooy, Antonio Scotti
At the piano: Landon Ronald

€ 22.99

Margarethe Siems
(2 CDs)

Complete issued recordings  (1903 - 1912)
Arias, duets and ensembles with Minnie Nast, Eva von der Osten, Gertrude Förstel, Desider Arányi, Desider Zádor

€ 22.99


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